List of YouTube Converter MP3 Platforms

YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. YouTube has become a mainstream media application where users can watch any video that they desire online, but not everyone is interested in watching videos online, especially now that music artists upload their music on YouTube for their fans to listen to, too. Imagine listening to your favorite music on YouTube when you can convert it to audio and download it on your mobile device instead.

Users of YouTube can search for and watch videos, create a personal YouTube channel, like or comment on videos, etc. So while you watch videos with YouTube, you can also convert those videos to your mobile device as an MP3 file.

YouTube to MP3 Converter Platforms

4K Download MP3 Converter

4K Download MP3 Converter works with streaming platforms ranging from YouTube to Vimeo. It allows for conversion to MP3 using an easy drag-and-drop. It requires no registration, and it is fast and easy to deliver your MP3 output.
It has high-quality downloads in many different formats. You can download from many different websites and tweak the audio quality as you see fit. It also has a built-in player where you can directly listen to the files you downloaded.


Y2Mate is a web-based video/MP3 Converter that works only with YouTube videos. The direction is simple; all you have to do is enter the URL or a couple of keywords, select the videos, and download it. In a situation where you are converting to MP4, the green button should be selected.

It supports the most known audio formats, all web browsers, and also the entire process is hassle-free with no prior registration. When you are done, you can even upload the finished products to dropbox or Google Drive, thus making it accessible to all devices you may have. The Converter doesn’t work with any other video sharing website like Vimeo or Dailymotion. Also, the website doesn’t work perfectly on android.


Converto is a free web-based video and audio converter which does not require any specific or special software for execution. All you need do is paste the YouTube link and press enter. From here, you can select the format and quality. So if you are after a good online YouTube MP3 downloader, Converto is a great option. The entire design of Converter is aesthetic.

Wondershare Uniconverter

Wondershare Uniconvertor is a complete solution for all sorts of conversions of video/MP3 and not just for YouTube. You get to convert over 1000 video formats as well as compress videos and create DVDs.
The Converter is super easy to use with one-click download. The conversion speed is super-fast (30 × faster speed without quality loss), and you can select many audio and video formats for yourself.

4TD Video Downloader

4TD Video Downloader allows you to convert videos from almost all media-sharing websites such as Facebook, Dailymotion, and YouTube. The conversions can be made in all popular audio and video formats. The program comes with a bunch of inbuilt batch processing tools through
which you can make some last-minute edits. The user’s experience is superb as well, as the whole process is covered in just a few clicks.

aTube Catcher

aTube Catcher process of installation is fast, and it has a solid interface, although some may find it outdated. It gets the job done regardless, which is: convert any YouTube video to an MP format. Simply throw a bunch of links at it, and it will download and convert them in batches.

YouTube MP3

YouTube MP3 has a sleek interface that provides you easy access to all of its features. You can play with the output format and volume control to make sure the final file is of your liking. You can also select the compression rate of the MP3 for better quality.

Free YouTube Downloader

Free YouTube Downloader is specific and built-in such an uncluttered way to be able to convert and download videos from YouTube. The application permits you to play around with a variety of formats and qualities. You can choose to add more than one video to a list before downloading

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Free YouTube to Mp3 permits you to include more than one file to it for conversion. The Converter also gives you an option that enables you to convert a whole YouTube channel, but of course, this is time-consuming for an entire channel or multiple videos at once.

Ontiva YouTube Converter

Ontiva YouTube Converter is a YouTube Converter that is free and accessible for users across the globe. If you are a newbie on YouTube conversion, you do not need to worry about the vigorous steps laid out by some YouTube Converters to convert a video. The steps involved in
this YouTube converter is simple and easy to understand.

It allows users to convert YouTube videos to any file format of their choice, such as the MP4, etc. With Ontiva, you are not limited to listening to your favorite motivational speeches on YouTube, which is online and costs a lot of data charges. Unlike YouTube Converters, Ontiva allows users to download files in unlimited amounts.

It does not involve any registration. It is completely free and safe from hackers. This gives you the exact quality you selected after downloading the file. To use it, copy the URL of the YouTube video from the address bar, open Ontiva YouTube Converter as your browser, paste the URL link in the allocated bar. Select the output format, click on the convert and wait, and then click the download button.

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