How to easily Download YouTube Video on my PC having Windows 10

The need to download a Youtube video can arise at any time! Let’s say you just freshly discovered a very simple instructional video on how to make a dish of white sauce pasta and you buckle up and get to the kitchen with high hopes and you open the tutorial but snap! Your internet plan has expired! This would certainly cause a sudden irritation towards your internet and your internet provider. However, there is a way around this issue that ensure smooth flow of work and productivity.

It is advisable to download a YouTube video or a video from any other streaming service beforehand that you think you would need at all times and you can access it the moment you require to, this is not just limited to a user wanting to learn something new but also for content creators like video editors and musicians who require downloaded videos for editing and creating new content with ease, for this purpose, there are a lot of ways you can download that Youtube video and there are multiple services and methods on the internet providing the same. 

For a Windows PC having Windows 10 or any other computer, these are the following ways through which you can download videos easily:

1– (

It is a website with a tool-bar on which you can paste the Youtube link and simply download it in various file formats and resolution qualities depending on your requirement and internet speed, the formats include: MP4, M4A, AVI, WEBM or 3GP. You can also choose the resolution or quality of the video among qualities like 4k (very high resolution), 1080p (high-quality resolution) and 720p (moderately high quality) among others. It is a fast, convenient and rather a reliable website which directly downloads the video in your computer.

2- KeepVid (

It is a website with a toolbar where you can paste the link from any video streaming site like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, VEVO and FOX News etc. It is like and gives the users the same flexibility to choose from any given video formats. The plus point of KeepVid is that it chooses a suitable resolution according to your computer and internet’s capabilities and suggests the best possible resolution before you can download the video.

3- 4K Video downloader

It is an application for your windows or other operating software that you can download for free from their website. Users can simply just install the application, open, copy and paste the desired video’s link to the space provided in the application’s tool-bar, select the format and resolution and click ‘download’ to save it in their local files.

4- Using Video Downloaders on your web browser (extensions):

Every web browser on all Operating software’s have the option of installing an extension and videos can also be downloaded through these extensions (click ‘add extension’ in the ‘settings’ option of the browser in the top right corner of the window and search for the keyword ‘video downloader’ and add the extension in your home screen of the web browser). A simple input in the URL toolbar on your web browser can also do the same trick with ease, for doing that, just open Youtube, go to the desired video and type ‘vd’ before ‘Youtube’ written in the link. For example, if the video link is ‘’ just simply type ‘vd’ before ‘Youtube’ like this ‘’ and then go to the option of choosing your desired resolution and format and voila! You’re done!

5- Using VLC Media Player on your Windows 10(Complicated process):

This one is a complicated process for downloading a video but if all the above mentioned processes do not seem to work for you, you have got yourself the final solution!

  1. Firstly download VLC media player if you do not already have it, it is a free video player and is highly popular (download link:
  2. Then install it to your Windows system and in a different window go to the Youtube video you wish to download and copy the link of the same.
  3. Open your freshly installed VLC Media player and click the ‘Media’ settings on the top left corner of the window and click on the option ‘Open Network Stream’
  4. On the option of entering the link on this opening the network stream settings, paste the copied link of your video.
  5. When you do so there would be an option to Play’ the link, click it and this will open the video in VLC Media player.
  6. On the top left corner of the freshly opened video click on the option of ‘Codec Information’ and copy the link given in the ‘location’ toolbar.
  7. Paste this copied link in any browser you’re using, the video will open and on anywhere on the screen click the right mouse button and select ‘Save video as’, this will finally download your video.

I hope these methods help you to download your video from any of the video streaming websites!

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